These works are explorations into our eternal nature and the greater intelligence that connects everything. From the great void of nothingness arises everything, and it’s to the great void that everything will return. Shelly Anfield’s works are about the immaterial becoming material and the impermanence of our physical reality. Her paintings often incorporate precisely sequenced geometries sewn over and through an atmospheric and otherworldly painted canvas as a material manifestation of the intersection between mathematics, science, philosophy, spirituality and art.

                  Landscape  Shelly-Anfield-Falling-Slowly-oil-on-board-19.5cmx19.5cm

      Vertical Horizons  Shelly-Anfield-Ascension-oil-on-canvas-130cmx130cm

                     Ink works  Shelly-Anfield-First-Thought-ink-and-metallic-thread-on-canvas-90cmx90cm

In The Still Moments  img_9135